Fishing For Trout With Powerbait

Sometimes we as anglers have no choice but to fish for trout with Powerbait (or a similar synthetic bait). In my opinion this is kind of like cheating as far as trout fishing is concerned, but a fisherman's got to do what a fisherman's got to do. Sometimes you just want to catch a trout, and a stocked lake and synthetic trout bait is a very easy thing to do. In this article, I'm going to lay out a great technique for fishing for trout with Powerbait (in lakes that have been planted with trout).

The first thing that's needed is a lake that's been stocked with trout. In many areas of the United States this is fairly simple to find, and if you're having trouble just contact your local fish and game office. The next thing that's needed is a jar of Powerbait (or similar synthetic trout bait). The main thing to make sure of is that it floats . The fact that your bait will be floating off of the bottom is integral to the success of this technique.

These types of baits come in more colors than the rainbow, and I've always found that the color that's employed makes very little difference. So, the bottom line is just pick a color or two that you think might work, and go with them. The scents that are released are the important thing, rather than which color your trout play dough is.

The final thing to make sure of is that your fishing reel is spooled with light line. When trout fishing I suggest six-pound test as the heaviest fishing line used. I personally use four-pound test, but six-pound is passable. Just make sure that you're using light line when trout fishing.

Begin by picking the spot that you would like to fish. Now grab the end of your line and slip on a small egg sinker (¼ to ½ ounce). You want enough weight to keep your offering on the bottom and that's it, so take into account wind and / or current conditions. Now tie on a small barrel swivel (size 10 or 12). This will act as a 'stopper' for your weight. On the opposite end of the barrel swivel tie on a set of pre-tied gang hooks (size 8 or 10). That's it, this is your fishing rig.

At this point add enough Powerbait to each hook to completely cover each individual hook. You should end up with two balls of Powerbait on your rig. As you can see (or imagine) using the pre-tied gang hooks is very important to this technique. The afford you the opportunity to double the bait. Don't you think this would be an advantage? I can tell you from experience that it is.

Now simply cast this offering into the water and allow it to sink. Once it's on bottom, slowly reel in any slack line, and set you rod against and immovable object (such as a forked stick). You want your line to be completely taught. Now it's time to wait for bites. You'll know you have a bite when your rod tip begins to bounce. That's it. Pretty simple, huh? This Powerbait technique is very effective too. Give it a shot and see what you think. You won't be disappointed.

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