Fishing Lure – the 3 Best Fishing Lures That Mimic Live Bait Fish

What is a fishing lure supposed to do? At the end of the day a fishing lure is designed to mimic some matter of live bait. Whatever fishing lure that is employed is supposed to look and act like the type of bait it is supposed to represent. Some fishing lures accomplish this task well, while others leave something to be desired. In this article I will outline the 3 best lures that mimic live bait to a very high degree.

It’s important to mention that as a general rule a quality lure (which incidentally means that it mimics live bait well) is almost never the least expensive choice. So, if you tend to be a penny pincher it can be difficult to find a good lure that mimics live bait fish at a “cheap” price. There is one exception to this rule of the 3 fishing lures listed below, but as a general rule a bait that mimics live bait effectively usually costs a bit more money than other seemingly similar lures.

With that being said, let’s get down to business, shall we?

  • Berkley “Alive” Soft Plastics – This lure is very inexpensive, yet mimics live bait to an incredible degree. These baits come in many different bait fish versions from worms to minnows, and even leeches and crayfish. Berkley “Alive” soft plastics have been infused and are sold in a solution that makes them smell to the fish you are trying to catch, like the type of bait that they represent. These soft plastics are fished exactly as any other soft plastic is fished with the exception being the way they “smell” to the fish you are trying to catch. From a cost standpoint, this lure is certainly the most economical choice to mimic live bait effectively.
  • KickTail Minnows – This unique fishing lure mimics a live baitfish incredibly well. This swim bait “hybrid” looks almost exactly like a live shad when being retrieved. There is no doubt that this unique fishing lure is among the best lures for mimicking live bait effectively. If you have never seen the KickTail Minnow in action, you need to check it out.
  • Rapala Floating Minnows – This fishing lure has been around for a long time, which goes to show you how effective Rapala floating minnows have proven to be over time. When retrieved slowly these fishing lures look almost exactly like a live minnow. If they are “twitched” during the retrieve they look just like a wounded minnow. They are more expensive that other “stick baits”, but are well worth the few extra dollars that they cost.
    If you are looking to mimic a live minnow, this lure is impossible to beat.

The bottom line is that if you are attempting to mimic a bait fish, these 3 lures should be a part of your fishing arsenal, there’s no doubt about it. All of these lures mimic live bait fish to an incredibly high degree.

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