Fishing Tackle Review: The Hardy Perfect Fly Reel

For many fishermen, the calibre of their fishing tackle is essential. There’s nothing worse than having an inferior brand of rod or reel malfunction at a critical time. So, many of us see the wisdom in investing in quality gear made by reputable manufacturers. One such manufacturer is Hardy in Alnick, England. Hardy makes exceptionally high quality tackle that’s well worth the price, if you’re a serious angler who wants the absolute best gear possible. Here’s some information about a fly fishing reel I particularly favour: the Hardy Perfect.

Key Features of the Hardy Perfect Fly Reel

Hardy strives to use the most current, high-tech materials whilst staying true to classic fishing reel designs. The Hardy Perfect is no exception. Priced at about £599.00, this reel isn’t within all fishermen’s budgets, but if it’s at all possible, you should strive to acquire one. The Perfect is built with 15 stainless steel ball bearings that produce a super-smooth action. The proven click-check drag system delivers effortless and untroubled operation when the angler needs it most, yet protects even the lightest tippet. Featuring components crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminium, the Hardy Perfect reel also has an English naval brass spindle.

More About the Hardy Perfect Fly Reel

The engineers at Hardy truly have gotten it right in the design of this reel. It’s clear they have taken into account what we fly fishermen expect in a premier-quality reel. This is truly a high-performance product with a bevy of high-end features. I especially appreciate the smooth dovetail fittings and durable agate line guard. Although I’m not much for a reel’s appearance if it performs well, I do have to say that the Hardy Perfect is quite good-looking with its classic and protective gunmetal grey anodised finish. The reel also has fifteen ball bearings that give the smoothest possible wind. Although the reel comes in three sizes, I much prefer the middle one that’s

Final Thoughts on the Hardy Perfect Reel

This is a limited-edition reel that’s perhaps the most famous ever produced by Hardy. Whether you fit it to a modern carbon fibre fly rod or to a traditional bamboo one, you can expect flawless performance. The reel has a contrasting but coordinating ivorine handle that’s very striking. It comes in a protective, sheepskin lined leather pouch. The classic Hardy Perfect has won a number of prestigious awards, including the “‘Best New Product” award at a US fly fishing retailer show in 2009. Web publisher MidCurrent lists this reel as one of the “Top New Fly Fishing Products” for 2009. As put by one Hardy executive, the company is “engineering excellence back into the fly fishing market place.” With a rare combination of heritage and ingenuity, Hardy products continue to be preferred by discerning anglers all over the world.

If you’re looking for an exceptional, high-quality piece of fly fishing tackle, you can’t do much better than the Hardy Perfect reel. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

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