Florida and Bass Fishing

Florida bass fishing action can be found in the many freshwater lakes, including Lake Okeechobee, which is a professional bass fisherman’s dream lake and the host of many professional bass tournaments. It can also make for a great vacation idea for a family outing because teenagers, young adults and parents can get into some exciting action when it comes to catching Florida bass.

Of course, Florida is also known for saltwater fishing in the ocean, and you can plan a sea bass expedition, when you know the right places to go. Florida bass, freshwater and saltwater species can grow quite large. It’s not unusual to catch some 7 or 8 pound bass when on a fishing trip. The reason for this is the mild climate which provides baitfish and insects almost year round, so the average Florida bass can grow quite large.

Florida bass fishing involves certain techniques, such as fishing hydrilla, grasses, shell beds, drop-offs, deep holes and other native shelters, using flipping, casting or pitching different types of lures and bait. Depending on what time of year you go, there are different techniques, lures and baits used during spawn, schooling, and the dog days of summer. For instance, you may have the best success in the hot days of summer using a Carolina rig fished in the deep holes and drop-offs since the bass go deep to avoid the 90 degree surface water temperatures.

There are many fishing guides and ocean fishing charter boats that can provide you with everything you need for a family Florida bass fishing trip. For example, most of the ocean fishing, charter boats provide the licenses, bait, rods and everything you need to catch the bass. Some of them offer specialized expeditions for dolphin fishing, shark fishing, barracudas and other species, depending on the time of year because of migration patterns. These are also exciting trips to plan a family fishing vacation in Florida around.

When fishing the inland freshwater lakes, bass fishing in Florida used many of the same techniques as other places in the United States, except you have to keep the warmer temperatures in mind, and the fish may spawn earlier than other places. There are plenty of sources to find out what fishing patterns to use because any of the local bait shops and fishermen are more than happy to tell you. Imagine the delight of your adolescent when they pull in a big, largemouth or peacock bass.

You will be surprised to find how many fishing opportunities there are in Florida. Besides bass fishing, many families plan redfish expeditions, crabbing or shrimping trips and the wide variety of tropical fish can be quite a learning opportunity. It’s not unusual to catch a grouper, catfish or puffer fish when fishing for bass in Florida.

If you are planning a trip to Florida, be sure to include at least a day of bass fishing because it can be a fun and exciting way to learn more about the fish of Florida and catch a really nice largemouth bass. Whether you are fishing in the ocean, rivers, or inland freshwater lakes, you will find abundant schools of bass just about everywhere you go. Make sure you have the proper licensing, bait and equipment for an enjoyable family vacation outing.

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