Fly Fishing Tackle Review: Hardy Angel 2 TE Fly Reel

For many anglers, fly fishing is their true passion. Whether you’re seeking the noble salmon or the elusive trout, there’s nothing better at the end of the day to sit down to a delicious dish of pan-fried fish you’ve caught fresh just hours ago. To ensure success, it’s critical to have the right fly fishing tackle. With so many brands to choose from, it sometimes seems that all brands are alike. Nothing could be further from the truth. The legendary Hardy brand stands above most others. Here’s a brief review of a great fly reel from Hardy, the Angel 2 TE.

About the Hardy Angel Fly Reel

This reel boasts an innovative design from Hardy with an ultra-fast action that gives the angler a distinct advantage. This reel has nearly perfect balance, thanks to high-tech computerised weight distribution. The result is superb performance characteristics that you’re sure to appreciate whenever you wade into a cold, fast-flowing stream. From the first cast, you’ll experience the reel’s exceptional smoothness, which is partly due to the Angel 2 TE’s superior design. All these features converge to deliver a fly fishing reel that’s superbly precise.

Features of the Angel 2 Reel

One of the first things you’ll notice is the Angel 2 TE’s exceptionally light weight and amazingly durability. When using this reel, you’ll find that you can drop fast-sinking fly lines with accuracy and precision. The Angel 2 TE is supremely responsive, a feature that ensures a quick snag-and-pull style which virtually guarantees even large fish will stay securely on the line. Even expert anglers appreciate how a rod fitted with this reel quickly becomes a seamless extension of the arm, allowing for optimal performance. The Hardy Angel 2 TE gives the fly fisherman a distinct advantage in all types of fishing venues and conditions.

About the Angel Reel and Rulon™

Priced at about £251.00, this is a feature-rich reel. Whether you you’re out for light brook trout or fishing for large salmon, you’re sure to appreciate the Angel 2 TE’s superior features. It has a new, redesigned clutch and converts quite easily from left- to right-handed operation. The redesigned Angel 2 TE features an all-metal handle that has a reverse screw fitting. The drag adjusts instantly by way of a uniquely shaped, ergonomic knob. The hard anodised finish is exceptionally durable. I also like the concealed check system and the improved Rulon™ drag. Rulon™, by the way, is a high-performance plastic that’s widely used in plastic bearings and gears because of its low coefficient of friction, extreme corrosion resistance and ability to perform effectively in a wide range of temperatures. It does not deform under load, is stiffer and has a higher compressive strength. Rulon™ is used extensively for chemical, electrical and mechanical industrial applications.

If you’re looking for a new piece of fly fishing tackle, you really should consider the remarkable Angel 2 TE reel from Hardy.

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