Fly Fishing Tackle Review: Hardy Demon 4 Piece Fly Rod

Although I enjoy many types of fishing, fly fishing is my favourite. It’s quite a challenge, especially when you’re standing hip deep in a cold, fast flowing stream. Having the right fly fishing tackle is essential if you want to have a successful fishing excursion. Whilst I use many brands of fly fishing tackle, I do prefer the gear from Hardy. Here’s some information about their latest offering, the Demon 4 piece fly rod.

About the Hardy Demon 4 Piece Fly Rod

The Demon range of rod products from Hardy brings superior quality tackle within reach of even the most budget minded angler. Hardy’s renowned reputation for excellence in the design and technology is quite evident in this rod that’s optimised for quality, durability and high performance. I especially like that the rod disassembles into 4 easy to transport sections. Despite its compactness, the Demon has all the features and refinements you’d expect from a quality Hardy rod. Here’s a brief run-down on the features.

Features of the Demon Fly Rod

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Demon has a completely anodised, double up-locking reel fitting that includes nylon O-rings. The O-rings function to provide security and smoothness. Along with Fuji butt guides, this rod has hard chrome snake intermediates. The Demon also features Portuguese cork grips of the highest quality, one of the many features that justify its hefty £269.00 price. Remember though, that this is sort of rod you’re likely to have for decades and that will always perform flawlessly. To complete the ensemble, I suggest teaming the rod with a reel from the Demon product line.

More of the Demon Fly Rod’s Features

As you’d expect, the Demon has a salt-water safe reel seat and a hay fork tip. The blank recovers quickly and has easy loading. It stows neatly into a sturdy Cordura covered tube and works well with Mach, Premium or Marksman fly line. Before I bought the rod, I scoured the Internet for reviews and found plenty of anglers who gave the Demon five out of five stars. I found this review to be particularly persuasive:

The Demon looked pretty enough out of the tube and didn’t disappoint, on its debut, in tricky, swirling winds – and there was a great feel through the rod while playing some feisty rainbows. A very nice rod, with a smooth, responsive action. Excellent value – compares very favourably to rods I paid twice as much for. The Hardy name on the butt is not there just for decoration!

I heartily concur with the reviewer’s assessment of the Demon, especially regarding trout fishing in windy conditions. My own experience has been surprisingly similar. Other features that I like are the touch-button spool release, the four disc Rulon brake and the two spare spools that were included with the rod.

For a great all-around piece of fly fishing tackle, the Hardy Demon 4 piece fly rod is difficult to beat. Well worth the investment!

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