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  • 4473 question worrying me

  • Charles

    December 13, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    So one of my old bosses recently got arrested for giving fraudulent statements when acquiring a weapon. My former boss wasn’t very honest or ethical but I spoke with my former co-workers who still works with him and apparently, it happened back in 2016 and from what they said, it was purely an accidental on his part and he’s completely innocent. I did a little research about it and from what I could find, you only get that charge when you was intentionally lying. My question is, how does all of that work? I’ve filled out many 4473 forms and all of that and I do believe that to the best of my knowledge, I filled it out correctly and all of that. But there’s still that little part of my brain that says, “what if?” I’m just worried that I may have filled out something incorrectly and it’ll come back to get me one day and I’ll be in tons of legal problems.

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