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  • 5.56 AR Pistol barrel selection

  • Robert

    December 18, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    I suspect this is somewhat of a dead horse, but after some lengthy researching, I’d still like to hear some opinions.
    I’m thinking about building an AR pistol. Since I already have a 16″ AR, I’d like the pistol to be significantly shorter than my 16″ to justify the cost and effort. However, I’m reading that sub-10″ barrels are unpleasant to shoot (loud, concussive, blinding) and lose a lot of muzzle velocity.
    If I get a sub 10″ barrel, how bad will reliability and performance suffer? Would it be an absolutely garbage meme pistol, not worth the money and effort? Or will it just be a different, specialized AR? If I go the sub-10″ route, what length would you recommend, and what special considerations should I make (specific bcg, buffer/spring, muzzle device, gas system)?
    Looking at longer barrels: 10.5, 11.5, 12.5″… among these sizes, are there pros/cons in terms of parts wear, gas tuning, performance, reliability?
    To throw a last curve ball in there, I live in CA, so I have to maglock it, and I’d be starting with a Franklin Armory AR pistol which is about $850 to start, then dumping even more money to convert it from bolt action repeater to semiauto.
    Intended role would be range/fun gun, and possibly SHTF. I don’t think I’d use either AR for home defense, I’d prolly use a pistol for that.
    Should I even build this?

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