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Forums Forums Anyone here take advantage of Black Friday?

  • Anyone here take advantage of Black Friday?

  • josh

    December 15, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    I took advantage of some Black Friday sales at a local sporting goods store, not by the name of Dick’s. It was my first time ever going to a Black Friday, and I had a great time.
    I bought two new firearms, and elected to punt last minute on a single action revolver. I’m now the proud new owner of a Mossberg 500 slug gun, and a Beowulf Crossbow. I’m probably going to buy another 500 just so I don’t have to mess around with switching barrels.
    I also bought lots of Mags for the firearms back home, which included some hunting compliant magazines for the AK, AR, and C308. I already lost them in an unfortunate ice fishing accident though.
    The Crossbow unfortunately didn’t come home with me, the scope that’s supposed to be included somehow got damaged when it was FOB. The guy working the gun desk recommended that it stays just so there’s no liability on my end.
    There was also a California transplant (she’s a bartender at one of the few bars we have around town) at this sporting goods store who saw my crossbow purchase without a background check, and she was mouth-to-the-floor astonished at what she saw. She even made a remark about how “stupid” it is to buy a “tool of death”, and proceeds to bootlick California’s authoritarian crap.
    A younger father jumped into the conversation and politely asked:
    >Do you vote in our local and state elections?
    The Cali transplant replies with:
    The father then comes back with:
    >Good, let’s keep that way, Champ.
    Tbh, that had to be one of the coolest ways to kill a conversation.
    All in all, Black Friday was spectacular. I took a page out of the patient gamers community and jumped on those heavy discounts. It’s a bummer the crossbow is still at the store, but it is what it is.
    If I had to give ratings for Black Friday, it would be:
    Service of the Sporting Goods store: 10/10 they weren’t Dick’s.
    Gun Laws: 1/10, need more machine guns in our life, and the NICS is fucking horrendous on Black Friday.
    California gets a -100/10, too many transplants trying to praise California’s dumbassery.

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