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  • Brady II & British gun law history (no Rhodesia stuff this time)

  • Robert

    December 24, 2019 at 10:25 am

    One idiotic thing disarmers always say is that their proposals aren’t a slippery slope.
    Ladies and gents, may I present: Brady Bill II.
    Presented in 1994, right of the heels of the Brady Bill, this bill pushed handgun licensing and made it a felony to give your kid a 10/22. The disarmament lobby vehemently wants you to forget that this even existed. Their entire strategy was gradual control, right up to total confiscation of all handguns, and any disarmer that tells you otherwise now is a moron, a list, or both. But you don’t have to look at Brady II. Look at the UK. In 76 years, they went from “license handguns” to almost totally banning private firearm ownership. How did they do it? Gradual tightening right up to confiscation, all in the name of “public safety”. So I will give you a law-by-law history of UK gun laws to show y’all what happened:
    1920: Scared by the rising threat of the damn commies and the Irish, the government passed the Firearms Act under the guise of public safety. The law required a license for all rifles and pistols and required registration. Licenses were granted for “good reasons” – self-defense, sport, and hunting
    1937: Spurred on by the American NFA, this Firearms Act extended the 1920 Act to short-barrelled shotguns and automatic weapons.
    1968: This Firearms Act was spurred on by 3 policemen being killed with an… illegal Luger and a Webley .38 ( This law made self-defense no longer a legitimate reason to own any firearm and now required registration and a certificate to own the last bastion of firearm freedom: the humble shotgun.
    1987: this amendment to the Firearms act was spurred on by the Hungerford massacre, where a madman killed 16 people with an AK and M1 Carbine, although it was later revealed that the entire piece of legislation was written up before the massacre and they were just waiting for the right time. This law required all owners of pump-action, lever-action, semi-automatic, or full automatic long guns of a caliber over .22 to turn them in with no compensation. So the next time a gun grabber says “bUt BrItAiN (or Australia, as the EXACT SAME shit happened there. The only difference was that rimfire addicts weren’t so lucky.) bAnNeD aRs”, remind them that they weren’t so much banning ARs as they were banning grandpa’s semi-auto 20 gauge he uses for duck hunting.
    1996: The Firearms Act Amendment and Firearms Act Amendment #2 were spurred on by the Dunblane massacre, where a pedophile killed 16 students and a teacher with 2 Hi-Powers and 2 S&W Model 13s. The first amendment banned all short barreled handguns in Britain of a caliber over .22 (long barreled handguns are still legal there today, and all non full-auto handguns are legal in Northern Ireland), and, in what seems like a mockery of MURRICA, the second amendment banned the .22 handguns.
    And nothing significant has passed since. So ends a 76 year saga of legislators lying to the public and taking advantage of fear, disarmament, and way, way too much trust in the government. And as we enter 2020, we must remember to stay grounded, stay vigilant and protect our rights, or else we too could be disarmed by 2096.

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