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  • Diablo 4: All Class Unique Mechanic System Explained

  • Jimekalmiya

    May 20, 2023 at 1:24 am

    As you get more familiar with the mechanics and classes in Diablo 4, you’ll notice that each class has a unique mechanic that gives it an edge in battle. In this guide, we’ll break down and explain everything you need to know about these systems, including how to unlock them, their effects, and much more.

    Sorcerer Enchantment System

    For the Sorcerer class, this is called “Enchantment”. This system allows you to unlock two slots that let you use the enchantment effects of your skills. You need to complete a quest for each slot; the first is available at level 15 and the other at level 30. Once unlocked, you can then add your skills to them.

    Each skill has an Enchantment effect, these then work like a passive. Let’s take Arc Lash, for instance; its main ability is to “Unleash arcing lightning that shocks enemies in front of you for 42%. Every ten (10) times Arc Lash swipes, it Stuns all enemies hit for 2 seconds.” But, it also has an Enchantment Slot effect that will only become usable once you slot it into the Enchantment Slot: “Whenever you are hit, there’s a 20% chance the attacker is Stunned for 1 second.” Thus, with the Enchantment system’s help, you can do additional damage, use the effect of some other elemental skill, or cast a spell.

    Barbarian Arsenal System

    The Arsenal system is a feature that is unique and exclusive to only the Barbarian classes. Once unlocked, it allows you to wield four weapons at once. This includes equipping the two one-handed weapons for dual-wield, one two-handed Bludgeoning weapon, and one two-handed slicing weapon.

    It is very easy to unlock the Arsenal system for Barbarians in Diablo 4. You simply need to level up your character to level 5, then press the Shift + C key button to open your Expertise tab. You can select the types of weapon and their offering bonuses. Alternatively, you can also check out the four weapon slots in your Inventory. For increased and more bonuses, you can level up the slotted weapons. After leveling these weapons to the maximum rank 10, you will get additional bonuses and power for that particular weapon. At Level 15, you receive a quest to unlock the Technique Slot, but since the Dry Steppes zone was unavailable in the beta, we cannot comment on this further.

    Rogue Specialization System

    For those getting ready to play the Rogue, you will get your hands on the Energy and Specialization systems. The Energy System is your builder spender, which you use for your basic and core skills. But, the specialization feature is much more important, as it will entirely change your playstyle.

    The Rogue will get a special class quest called the True Potential at level 15. Here, you will be sent NPCs all over the world and complete a somewhat lengthy quest chain. When you complete it and return to the NPC that starts it, you will unlock Specializations. It allows the Rogue class to choose or “specialize” using three passive bonuses that you can swap between at any time, even during combat. These three passives are Combo Points, Inner Sight, and Preparation.

    The Combo Points Specialization works by building up a combo as you use your basic skills (up to three points max), and when using a specific Core Skill, you’ll unleash a more powerful version of it based on how many combo points you’ve built up. Next, Inner Sight Specialization, which only unlocks at level 20. This ability marks random enemies that when hit, fill up a bar that grants you infinite Energy for 4 seconds when full. Lastly, the Preparation Specialization, which only unlocks at level 30. This specialization wasn’t available during the preview and beta of the game, so we aren’t fully sure of what it does just yet, though some speculate that it may be a cooldown reduction ability, letting us use our Ultimate more frequently.

    Necromancer Book of the Dead System

    For the Necromancer class, this unique ability is called the Book of the Dead. This allows the Necromancer to summon three kinds of undead to aid them, the Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and the Golem. Each of the undead summons types can then be subdivided into three distinct types, making it far more flexible than before. Below are the Specifications for each summoned creature that the Necromancer can access thanks to its Book of the Dead ability.

    Skeletal Warriors

    Skirmishers – Fast-attacking and have increased damage but reduced Life.
    Defenders – Sword and board wielders that have bonus Life.
    Reapers – Scythe-wielding creatures that have a slower attack, deals AoE in front of them, and have a wind-up attack that deals a high amount of damage.

    Skeletal Mages

    Shadow – Shadow magic
    Cold – Cold magic
    Bone (Sacrificial magic)


    Bone Golems – Tanks hits
    Blood Golems – Health-stealing abilities
    Iron Golems – Charging abilities

    However, it doesn’t stop there. Each of the Skeletal summons that the Necromancer uses will have two upgrades that will boost its main battle specialty. So, for instance, the Cold Skeletal Mage will have upgrades that grant you essence when enemies are damaged, or its second upgrade, which states that enemies who get attacked while frozen are made vulnerable for a short time. In addition, if you dislike one of the summonses, the Necromancer can also sacrifice them to gain a permanent buff. This way, Necromancers can synergize with their undead summons in ways the Diablo franchise has never seen.

    Druid Spirit Animal System

    For the Druid class, this unique class ability is called the Spirit Animal System. Unlocking the Spirit Animal System as the Druid is fairly simple in Diablo 4 and only requires that you progress through the main questline. Once you reach level 15, you will automatically receive a priority quest that has you travel to Scosglen. Once here, you’ll learn bout the home of the Druids and their spirit companions as you complete the quest. This will eventually lead you to find all four of the Spirit animals, the Deer, the Snake, the Eagle, and the Wolf. Each spirit animal has four buffs you can choose from.

    Deer Spirit Animal

    Prickleskin – Gain # Thorns.
    Gift of the Stag – Gain +10 Maximum Spirit.
    Wariness – Take 10% reduced damage from Elites.
    Advantageous Beast – Reduce the duration of Control Impairing Effects by 15%.

    Eagle Spirit Animal

    Scyth Talons – Gain +5% increased Critical Strike Chance.
    Iron Feather – Gain x10% Maximum Life.
    Swooping Attacks – Gain +10% Attack Speed.
    Avian Wrath – Gain x30% Critical Strike Damage.

    Snake Spirit Animal

    Obsidian Slam – Every #th kill will cause your next Earth Skill to Overpower.
    Overload – Lucky Hit: Dealing Lightning damage has up to a 20% chance to cause the target to emit a static discharge, dealing 60% Lightning damage to surrounding enemies.
    Masochistic – Critical Strikes with Shapeshifting Skills Heal you for 3% Maximum Life.
    Calm Before the Storm – Lucky Hit: Nature Magic Skills have up to a 15% chance to reduce the Cooldown of your Ultimate Skill by 2 seconds.

    Wolf Spirit Animal

    Packleader – Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 20% chance to reset the Cooldowns of your Companion Skills.
    Energize – Lucky Hit: Dealing damage has up to a 15% chance to restore 10 Spirit.
    Bolster – Fortify for 10% of your Maximum Life when you use a Defensive Skill.
    Calamity – Extend the duration of Ultimate Skills by 25%.

    However, you can only choose one buff from each animal, at least in the beginning. But once all of them are unlocked, you can bond with one of the spirits to choose two of its benefits.

    And there you have it, everything you need to know to unlock, use and master all class systems employed in Diablo 4. For more info, please follow, like how to spend Diablo 4 gold.

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