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  • Guide to play European Handicap for beginners

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  • qcj1289697

    January 29, 2024 at 3:47 am

    Effectively playing European Handicap provides opportunities for players to win substantial rewards. European Handicap, also known as 1×2 odds, is a simple type of bet suitable for novice players entering the world of betting. So, what is European Handicap, and how do you play it? Wintips will provide you with insider soccer tips a clear and practical answer below.

    What is European Handicap?

    To help beginners understand better, reputable bookmakers will start with the most basic concept. European Handicap, also known as 1×2 odds, involves only three possible outcomes: win, draw, and lose. The player’s task is to place a bet on one of these three outcomes.

    Compared to European Handicap, European Handicap is an extremely straightforward form that anyone can grasp right from their first encounter. European Handicap comes with specific terms and characteristics, including:

    1×2 Odds: Option 1 is for the home team, where players win if the home team wins. Option X is for a draw, and players win if the match ends in a draw. Option 2 is for the away team, where players win if the away team wins.

    FT (Full Time): This refers to the entire match, including both halves and any added injury time. This type of bet does not consider extra time and penalty shootouts if they occur.

    FT 1×2: European Handicap for the full match, where players bet on the outcomes of win, draw, or lose for the entire match.

    First Half 1×2: This European Handicap only considers the first half of the match, including the regular 45 minutes and any added injury time.

    Additionally, depending on the match’s dynamics, Asian Handicap can also include bets within the first 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or second-half bets.

    Understanding European Handicap can be a key strategy for those looking to enhance their betting experience and increase their chances of winning.

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    How to effectively bet on European Handicap

    For professional bettors, European Handicap (EH) is straightforward and easy to play. However, for beginners, practice, learning, and improvement are necessary. Here are some effective ways to bet on European Handicap that you can refer to.

    Understand the rules of European Handicap

    To bet on European Handicap, you need to understand the rules of EH, which is obvious. The concept and brief overview of 1×2 odds have been presented above. Additionally, you can delve deeper into football-related websites, engage in real-world discussions, or ask friends for more information.

    In the football betting market, the three most common types of odds are European Handicap, Asian Handicap, and Over/Under. Among them, European Handicap and Over/Under are relatively simple and suitable for beginners to practice. Asian Handicap involves various odds and complex playing methods. However, it is the most interesting and popular type. Moreover, choosing the top market-leading bookmakers for training is advisable.

    If you are a beginner, it is better to start with European Handicap. Just thoroughly research the knowledge and playing methods, and you can make successful steps.

    Understand the necessary information

    In addition, closely monitoring information about teams, tournaments, and matches is a mandatory requirement. If you do not grasp the information, you may easily place bets based on emotions or rely on luck, leading to a significant reduction in your chances of winning. Key information that you should always be aware of includes:

    Head-to-head history between the two teams, which team has a higher winning rate.

    Recent form of both teams, which team is on the rise, and which team is in a declining form.

    Who the coach is, any notable personnel changes, and the coach’s strategy.

    Whether the competition takes place at home or away, the weather conditions, etc.

    In summary, every small piece of information related to the match should be paid attention to. To obtain information, you can participate in forums, groups, follow football-related websites online. Additionally, reading news on reputable bookmakers’ websites is a quick and effective way.

    Analyze bookmakers’ odds and bet effectively

    You should carefully analyze and review the odds board daily, combining various methods of odds analysis, such as quick odds analysis and slow odds analysis. Here are specific ways to bet effectively on European Handicap:

    Bet on Over 0.5 FT: This is a running betting method, where players place bets while the match is ongoing. You can bet 0-0.5 odds at the 10th minute and gradually increase. This method, when mastered, can significantly increase your winning chances.

    Bet on Full Time: Follow the principle that the home team is favored in the odds, and avoid matches with too many participants.

    Avoid bookmaker traps: Untrustworthy bookmakers often set traps and lure players into them. These traps may initially seem very attractive, but upon careful analysis, they may not be feasible, leading to potential losses. To avoid traps, it is recommended to place bets 3 to 5 days before the match. As the match approaches, bookmakers often change the odds continuously, causing players to panic.

    Maintain a stable mindset and avoid complacency

    When participating in football betting in general and European Handicap in particular, players need to always remember:

    Avoid complacency, thinking that European Handicap is too simple, and the results are too clear. This perception will lead to impulsive decision-making, the main reason for losing bets.

    Do not be excessively anxious: Many players appear too tense and overly worried. When engaging in such games, players need to prepare themselves mentally to be ready to lose money. This approach helps players stay calm, relaxed, and make the most accurate choices.

    Stay humble in victory, and don’t be discouraged in defeat: Losing confidence due to failure or becoming arrogant after a victory are both negative states that can lead to more significant losses in the future.

    Capital and time management with a strategy

    In a day, there will be at least one match where your winning odds can be as high as 80%. Therefore, you should only select the right golden match and invest a reasonable amount of money. The amount of money to bet depends on your financial situation. However, according to experts, betting on one match per day, with one million per match, is the most reasonable.

    These are effective soccer tips app ways to bet on European Handicap, especially for beginners. Choose reputable bookmakers to participate because they are professional, leading, and offer reasonable odds. Trustworthy bookmakers provide you with the highest winning opportunities.

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