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  • How to get my wife interested in guns

  • Charles

    December 9, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    I’m prior Army. This is important because it’s the only reason my wife is tolerant of my gun. To that end, it was a gift from a friend. I would never be able to justify purchasing one to her.
    She is tolerant of me having it because I’m trained and responsible. My understanding is that she isn’t hard-lined against guns themselves, just the crazies that use them in crime and senseless shootings. She also understands that guns are a tool… a tool built for only one purpose, killing. Thus, in her worldview, there is no reason to ever own such a tool, with few exceptions, especially living in suburban America.
    I would very much like to introduce her to my weapon and teach her how to handle it, shoot it, disassemble it, clean it, reassemble it, and the like. She is just not interested. Not in seeing it, discussing it, or anything.
    A lot of folks have suggested that I just bring her to the range and let her shoot, and then she’d be somewhat interested. I’ve tried and she’s not even remotely interested. More like, adamant refusal to even consider it.
    Any advice?
    Edit: I’m referring, here, to handguns and scary, militaristic looking rifles. She appreciates and accepts the uses and ownership of hunting rifles and hunting shotguns.
    Edit 2: Changed wording. I appreciate the political sensitivity surrounding the term “assault rifle” and I apologize for using it in a seemingly careless manner.

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