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  • Looking for an inexpensive pole to fish for cats

  • Robert

    December 19, 2019 at 8:43 am

    I grew up fishing salmon runs in Oregon and Washington and spent a summer doing the tour guide thing in southern Oregon on the Rogue with fishing rods that were upwards of $200 each.
    It was kind of the family sport. My aunt could catch a Chinook salmon with a hand line and a worm, and we ate steelhead, Copper River Salmon, bluefin tuna, halibut, sturgeon, and trout every other meal growing up, it seemed like.
    So it shouldn’t come as a shock (like kids who grow up on pig farms who don’t do pork or vegetarian cowboy kids) that when I went to college I more or less ditched the entire fishing thing and went with the notion that if I really absolutely must have fish, I can go to the docks where I know the fishermen and get a slab of fish (or buy prebreaded cod).
    But I have two cats who turned seven this year who are both getting FAT, and need exercise. And they have destroyed most of the dangly cat toys.
    So I am looking to build them a semi-indestructible cat lure toy (a catnip toy on the end of a paracord attached to a 100-lb test monofilament braid). Ideally something I could cast indoors (or snag on something) to reel in a toy to make them chase it/trigger the hunting instincts.
    I tried asking family for old rods and reels but most of the equipment is either still being used or they retired it and don’t want to give it up, OR they said, “Oh, great! You want to go fishing again? After all these years? It’s like riding a bike!” and when I explain the purpose they say, “You want to use it as a cat….no.”
    So I am looking here for recommendations on an inexpensive rod and reel combo that can take 100-200lb test line, under $25, that could take the potential weight of a chubby feline attacking a catnip-filled baggie.
    For reference, my biggest chonk is a 25lb fat boy black and white DSH, and his brother is a 15lb longhair black cat.
    If I must, I’ll just blow cash on a $50 Ugly Stik, cut it down and call it a day, but wondering if anyone has a recommendation that might work as an all-in-one solution.
    And yep, I plan to post cat fishing videos eventually.

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