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  • Robert

    December 20, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    So I’m looking into getting one of these roni/MCK kits for my g17, I have a few concerns that maybe one of y’all could clear up for me.
    My biggest concern is being able to comfortably shoulder one of these things. I’m a large man and the MCK is just under 14 inches in overall length. That seems very short to me, but I’ve also never shot anything similar, like an SBR or anything. But I’m also leaning more towards the MCK over the older Roni products because of the price.
    Also, there’s a gen 2 of the MCK releasing January 15th, 2020 for just a few more dollars. The measurements aren’t listed yet but the only difference in length I could see is the extended stabilizer brace. Which you can put onto the gen 1 MCK.
    If anyone owns one of these guys, or has shot one, please help me out! I’m so torn on what to do.

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