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  • RUSA STAG – Mauritius Congratulations to friend, Professional Hunter and group member Li

     Charles updated 11 months, 3 weeks ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Charles

    December 13, 2019 at 8:07 am

    RUSA STAG – Mauritius Congratulations to friend, Professional Hunter and group member Lionel Paul Berthault. Great hunt and wonderful Rusa Deer Stag! Well done Lionel! – CT

    December 12, 2019 by Lionel Paul Berthault

    🇬🇧 Rare are the ladies who come to hunt with us. It is always a great pleasure when it comes to guide an huntress, recently devoted to our passion who has a non-hunter husband! The first day, we will walk more than 12 kilometers in one of the most technical territories of Mauritius, the less populated and where meeting a big male is a rare query. Today to add some difficulties the elements aren't with us, crispy leaves in the forests, circling winds, Crab-eating Macaques on alert and pushing a little deep in the forest the Rusa deer…
    Late in the afternoon, moral is low as low it can be, I saw a deer very thick, skin and bones and limping out of a swamp. This deer will have to be killed even if it is not our purpose of the day. The approach is triggered, a perfect shot fired and the deer will be released from these evils. Congratulations for this shot.

    The next day and thanks to Guillaume who saw the deer far in the mountain, I deploy the tripod with the SWAROWSKI scope to estimate the big deer. At the sight of the animal I judge him immediately old. This is our animal. The approach is almost impossible and we will go elsewhere in hope that it ventures in open land towards the swamp. During all afternoon we will continue to survey the territory in search of another deer but it is too hot and no male will be found. After the rut they stay in a group of single adult males and go out when the night reassures them. We have traveled many miles of uneven and there is only less than an hour for my huntress to take a shot. We go back to the bottom of the mountain, start our approach in good wind when the deer moved only 20 meters from where we spotted it. I will have to try the approach which seems to me quite impracticable in such a decorum.
    We climb the mountain and it reminds me of my end-of-season hunts in the Pyrenean foothills with Actéon and Loic Tequi. I bring my new friend at a mere 30 meters but the deer is lying and calfs are blocked within 15 meters from us. Guillaume is watching us, a kilometer away …
    The deer gets up and the temptation is great to shoot but the shot is not safe … I let it go and decide to go down the mountain again to have a better position. It works the male is there, my huntress is on the stick but she can not shoot when the deer is 28 meters from a three quartering facing position. He will leave and I prevent the shooting! Too risky.

    Then he turns ideally, the stick unfolds, the aim, the breath that cuts and the shot that put the animal in its tracks. The tears flow of my huntress face and mine are not far.

    It is an old stag without bones under his burre and with an amazing 9 4/8 inches circumference stag that lies on the ground facing a lagoon breathtaking view.
    Thank you for your trust, friend. Congratulations.

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