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  • Seeking guidance for first pistol!

  • Maverick

    December 15, 2019 at 4:18 am

    **Firearm Experience:** I have moderate experience hunting with a .270 rifle, among other smaller rifles. I have almost no pistol experience.
    **Pistol Usage Preference:** I prefer to have a pistol that I can concealed carry, as well as take out to the firing range for plinking fun (not including the personal training with the selected carry pistol).
    **Size/Weight Preference (*****including the print of the carry*****)**: The size/weight preference of pistols seems to be that of personal preference. *My internal idea of quality and trust in a device or tool is almost always directly connected to the feeling of “density” the tool has, or the general weight of it.*
    This is why I feel like I’d really prefer to avoid a polymer-based gun, and lean toward something 1911-esq. I’ll take heavy and rattly over tight and light. This is NOT a final decision. I’m not against glock, but the closer to all-metal heavy I can get, the more comfortable I will feel with the weapon.
    **As far as caliber goes**, I’d really prefer to stick with the intended/original caliber of the pistol design. That would mean if a 1911 is suggested, it would be suggested as a .45, and if a Glock 17 would be suggested, it would be suggested as a 9mm.
    **I’m open to any and all pointers, opinions, ideas, thoughts or criticisms. I’m just soaking as much data as I can.**
    **Help me select a conceal carry/firing range fun pistol!**
    **Budget: Under $900**

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