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  • Shooting revolvers double action: where the heck do I put my finger on the trigger, and how to pull it?

  • Charles

    December 9, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    After learning that I’ve been doing it wrong all this time by cocking the hammer back on DA revolvers, I’ve been doing research and dry fire practice (with a bit of live fire, some of which has been good and some that hasn’t), but I have yet to find a definitive answer on where to place your finger on the trigger. So far I’ve seen (in no particular order):
    (Note: right handed shooting using both hands, using a 686 purchased new a year ago, probably 500 rounds though it + maybe 200-300 dry fires, aiming not to stage my shots)
    1. Pad of finger (aka like firing in SA): haven’t actually seen this in many places, and to be honest I don’t think my hand is quite strong enough to do this properly.
    2. Just ahead of first joint of the finger: seen this advice in exactly one spot and haven’t tried it.
    3. First joint of finger, keeping finger straight while pulling: been trying this a lot but the front sight always breaks a bit right when the banner drops. I’ve found a grip that minimizes this but I find that I have to deathgrip the revolver (especially with my left hand) to eliminate the break right, and even then it only works sometimes… So maybe my hands are quite strong enough? (Also, a couple sources say not to do this)
    4. First joint of finger, curling/bending joint around the trigger during the pull: front sight breaks left sometimes but holds on target the vast majority of the time. Only a few sources recommend this, and many sources say this is bad so I’ve been trying to avoid it but I find it does work better for me. (Note that I’m not staging the trigger when doing this, I find that my finger doesn’t touch the frame until after the shot breaks)
    5. Just do whatever works for you: self-explanatory (only a few sources have said this)
    Related advice would be appreciated as well!

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