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Forums Forums Suggestions on gun(s) to fulfill home defense + deer hunting.

  • Suggestions on gun(s) to fulfill home defense + deer hunting.

  • Robert

    December 18, 2019 at 10:10 pm

    Hello… I have never owned a gun but have shot all kinds of friends and families guns. I need a gun or 2 guns to fulfill my needs of home defense and deer hunting in Wisconsin. I currently live in an apartment, and will probably be getting a house within the next few years. With Wisconsin deer hunting, I will be hunting in a tree stand and in marshes. My budget is 1,000$ or less for everything, including the gun(s), ammo, and accessories.
    I would like to get something that I can shoot at the range often without breaking the bank, so not super expensive ammo. I have thought and researched for hours on this, and I can’t come to a conclusion yet so I am asking for your guys opinions on this. I am considering guns such as 9mm handguns, bolt action .308 rifles, ar15 .300 blackout pistols, ar15 .223 rifles… and I am looking for your guys opinion on this.
    I have considered the .300 blackout pistol, but the ammo is over 2x the cost as 9mm and .223. I have considered the handgun because the cheap ammo, but .223 is just a few more cents per round, and .223 is better for home defense. And with a handgun, the decision on conceal carrying it would be another discussion in itself because idk if I want to do that, and then I would have to find a pistol that is good for range + hd + cc. I wish I could use .223 for deer hunting, but I don’t want to injure a big buck because the bullet isn’t powerful enough as it is the absolute minimum you can use here.
    *I just posted about this, but I feel it would be easier to ask it in this kind of way instead of just giving a couple options.*

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