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  • Testing ballistics for hunting rounds

  • Robert

    December 19, 2019 at 10:03 am

    I took my nephew out today and he shot his first deer which was also the first deer shot with my new 300 blackout AR (16” barrel). She was a large doe for our area (small Florida deer) and he had perfect shot placement just behind the scapula and double lunged her. She ran 20yds and went down so tracking wasn’t an issue, but I wanted to show him what to look for in the case of having to track a deer. When we got to where she was standing at the shot (on white sand) there wasn’t any blood and I didn’t see any as we followed her to where she went down. When we got there there was a small exit wound with pink blood bubbling up but very little had run down on either the entry or exit wound. Both lungs were wrecked pretty good and there was a lot of blood travel under the skin but the exit wound when cleaning her was also pretty small (not much different to the entry).
    This concerns me a bit in that on a deer that I don’t see go down or that has a less than perfect hit may not leave a good trail. Is it possible that the bullet didn’t expand and acted like a FMJ? I’ve heard that can be an issue with slow rounds but I read multiple good reports on the rounds that I bought (Hornady Custom 135gr FTX).
    Is there a good way test the different rounds other than for reliable feeds/accuracy before hunting? I’m not sure if this is something that anyone even does (I’ve never considered it) but I got thinking about it after the poor blood trail. Maybe I’m just used to the damage from a 30-06 and I don’t have anything to be concerned about with this rifle but it’s taken some of the excitement out of it and getting a suppressor.

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