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Forums Forums Well this is the right place to post it first. I’ve got some money coming. Maurice is about to get an evil big brother.

  • Well this is the right place to post it first. I’ve got some money coming. Maurice is about to get an evil big brother.

  • Robert

    December 19, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    For those not aware Maurice is my Ruger New Vaquero converted to magazine feeding in 9mmPara. It has a big flaw right now, in that it uses tubular magazines to cram new rounds into the back of the cylinder on the left side of the hammer. The tube mags are spring driven so there is constant spring pressure driving a fresh round into the back of the cylinder, which makes the single action cocking stroke really crunchy and grinding and horrible, but it does work. If however the system were applied to a double action revolver it would be a complete fiasco.
    I want to take what I have learned from Maurice and apply it to another gun, this time with true box magazine feeding with a magazine from a semi-auto handgun poking out the side and upwards, probably at about a 45-degree angle. That would allow me to holster the gun strong-side.
    So, the deal is, I’m not going to have a long time to do the build so I need a gun with the right barrel, the right caliber and the right cylinder already prepared.
    Also has to be high enough pressure I can definitely work a slide action that strips rounds off the top of a conventional box mag. I’m quite sure that 9mm para is not going to be reliably powerful enough to get enough gas pressure to do it.
    I also need to make sure that I’m going to be able to fit the cartridge in past the guts of the gun on its way through the back of the frame on the left side of the hammer, if as in most revolvers we’re starting with something with a clockwise rotation of the cylinder from the shooter’s point of view. That means either a fairly narrow cartridge or a 5 shot cylinder.
    I cannot convince Freedom arms to make me a model 97 in 9mm with a 5 shot cylinder. if I could I could wring that cylinder deeper to 9×23 Winchester and probably make it work. But they’ve absolutely turned me down cold.
    So where does that leave me?
    I could maybe use a Ruger Redhawk in 8-shot 357. I would have to inject rounds into the back of the cylinder two positions left with hammer, so the loading drill would be a bit goofy. Worse, the reload would have an extra step involved so I don’t like that.
    Another possibility would be a Blackhawk in 30 carbine. The magazines however would be frighteningly long and the piston gas stroke for the show rammer would be awful long as well. Pre-loaded shells optimized for handgun use self-defense would be hard to come by and there’s not a lot of reloading components.
    I think there’s a better answer and it’s fucking hilarious. Ready?
    Magnum Research BFR in 50AE.
    Yeah. I’m serious. Ammo is surprisingly plentiful and optimized for handgun use. I can get seven round Deagle mags no problem, and I should be able to make at least 10 round somewhat happy sticks for it. Cylinder is a 5-shot, so the positions on the injection and ejection round positions should be fine. Mechanically it’s an oversized Ruger single action so I already fully understand the guts.
    Sure it’s only eight shots out of the holster, but each round is 300 grain doing 1400fps(!) so they’re going to throw some serious hurt down.
    Right now their shortest barrel is 6.5in but I can cut that down to 4in no problem. It’s going to have a serious gas trap attached to the end of the barrel. One option is to go ahead and drill it for compensator ports but also tap the compensator ports so that I can fill them in with set screws. If there is, let’s say 8 ports, I can fill them in two at a time, one on each side and test it that way making sure that I still have enough gas pressure to run the ejection system and the injection system (slide and magazine).
    The reload drill would be to drop the mag with the strong hand, go for a fresh mag with the offhand, ram it home, rack the slide, cock & fire. It would be the end-all and be-all of tacticool single action revolvers.
    Instead of direct gas to do the shell ejection I’m considering driving a captive pin to mechanically punch shells out and then the pin would be retracted back in under spring pressure. Don’t know how reliable that would be though. Going to have to ponder that some more.
    Don’t have a name for this beast yet. “MegaMaur” maybe.
    Once done I’ll take it over to Magnum Research headquarters in Minnesota, see if I can film them losing their shit over it.
    Once built it would be pretty easy to convert any other 50ae BFR.
    Hmmmm… I’m also pondering the Freedom Arms 83 frame in 50AE. MIGHT be more accurate actually. The build process would be otherwise identical.
    Well for one, it should be more reliable than a deagle and more accurate. Reload time will be pretty close. It won’t go out of battery on direct muzzle contact like a semi-auto, and it should be more reliable because the feed path is dead straight on the shell injection cycle. It also doesn’t shit where it eats, in fact the shell injection and ejection cycles are driven by two completely different gas systems and are happening on completely different chambers. feed reliability and general liability on the Mauser MG 213 that first used this feed cycle was noted to be extremely reliable by US testers after World War II which is why we stole the design for early jet fighter autocannons like the Pontiac M39 used in the F86 Sabrejet of the Korean War era.
    YEAH. Imma gonna do this.

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