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Firearm and Gun Forums Firearm and Gun Forums Manufacturers Glock Where to buy a Laser stippled frame Reply To: Where to buy a Laser stippled frame

  • unusualj107

    July 1, 2020 at 7:11 am

    Typically you find stippled pieces already added to builds. It isnt very economic to pre stipple. This is the same reason you wait for holsters; most companies don’t want 1000 of something on hand. They only make it when you order it. Same for stipple work. Having one of each style to display is good. Having a bunch of each not being built and sold is bad. You’d be better off buying a police trade-in for ~300-350 and send that in. Just my opinion based on previous experience. I have many shops in my city that do stipple work, engraving and cerakote work. Many aren’t even gun shops.