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  • ronws2007

    January 26, 2023 at 12:39 am

    I want to give context to one of Brandon's comments that might have escaped notice. It was a burn and a joke. His dog goes on screen to give him attention. And he says, "don't worry, you are safe. I am not criticizing the ATF today."

    The reason for that comment is that in recent times, the ATF has stepped up raids. In some, a dog gets shot for being a dog. The most recent was a homeowner filmed raid. This guy had a company that made what he called an Auto Keycard. Made of metal and about the size of a business card. Etched into it was a drawing of what is called a lightning link. If cut along the lines, you have lightning link that can be installed in an AR-15, which is normally a semi-automatic rifle, and this allows an automatic function. So, the part is considered a machine gun by the ATF. Technically, the card is not but the ATF is treating it that way.

    So, the ATF goes to this house and come with sheriff special response team. Dressed in battle gear with their AR-15s and shotguns and service pistols out to take down this dangerous outlaw who makes metal cards. And the first guy in is wondering where the dog is and spends quite a bit of time worrying about the dog.

    In the meantime, Matt, at CRS Firearms, would do ad reads. And recently, he got arrested by the ATF because he has tried to help raise money for the keycard guy.

    They will come after anyone they think has anything to do with distribution for machine parts and they will shoot and kill your dog or anyone who gets in the way. That is not a criticism, just a fact.

    Now, back to jocularity.