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  • Dennis Wilson

    January 26, 2023 at 12:50 am

    I was thinking hard about getting one of these from Classic for several months. What stopped me was I just didn't want to buy sight unseen and then have to go through a dealer even though i found one that only charges $15. I himmed and hawed until they finally went out of stock. I have always used gun shows or local stores except I have bought some off of Armslist, but only from sellers that lived nearby so I could examine the gun first. Yesterday I went to a gun show and found a dealer that had 4 to choose from, all very good. The price was $380 including tax. After checking out the current price of .380 ammo I said no and went home. I have over 100 rounds of .380 that I bought for my PPK long ago. After deciding not to put a bunch of rounds through it until ammo comes down, which probably won't be anytime soon, I drove back. I bought a new 92FS at that same gun show a couple months ago so I expected to like handling the 85bb too. It's a smooth little gun and right now I am happy I went back. I will be even happier went ammo comes back down. Fortunately I have piles of reloads, just not in .380.