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  • Mary Wills

    January 26, 2023 at 12:50 am

    Got a 81 (no BB)a while back from cf.was a month after they said approximately 10% of that batch was hand select.was like yours or maybe even a tad better .& Extra mag seems to have never been used.not a mark on it.No box like that.FedEx box. & bubble wrap.from all I've heard ,hand select is not needed.Have a feeling it's CF version of a extended warrantee.spend that $ on ammo or mag next time.+ The little bit of wear is character.from what I can tell my 32 was carried by a Left handed person that wore a wedding band.shot very little..those 380s are nice.may get one.not sure yet.going to order 1 set of thin G 10 grips.single stack is more than likely fine as is.but 2 tenths of an inch on each side ,nearly 12 an inch will make a big difference on the double stack..thx for video take care.& Holsters.PS .I found 2 nice ones in bargain bin at a gun store.ElPasso saddlery marked .45 GOVT&older Bianchi with a thumb break.$5 apiece..Glad I found those.realized adjustable cant is a must on IWB .never tried IWB holster before.It's actuality doable with a cheetah.was presently surprised.