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Forums Forums Firearms Why Are States Wasting Time With Constitutional Carry? Reply To: Why Are States Wasting Time With Constitutional Carry?

  • airsoft_nooby

    April 8, 2021 at 8:53 am

    I think Constitutional Carry is a good idea simply because the alternative is a waste of time and money. CCW permits are really just a cash cow for local governments. The only people who bother to go get CCW permits are hyper-law-abiding people who are aware of the law and want to obey laws to the “T”. Everyone else who carries concealed either doesn’t care or is a criminal who is going to do whatever they want anyway.

    Since the people who bother to obey the law are hyper-law-abiding and will have no disqualifying record, it’s a waste of time, effort, and money screening these people with a license. The people you want to be screening aren’t getting a license and are carrying anyway.

    So, I am glad to see Constitutional Carry doing away with the waste of time that CCW permits are.

    But it’s also a feel-good bone that politicians can toss to pro-gun constituents. “Look! We gave you Constitutional Carry!” But it doesn’t really change anything. Law-abiding people still carry guns and don’t commit crimes, and criminals still carry guns and do commit crimes.

    The single biggest issue that needs to be addressed head-on and sooner rather than later is this: **Confirm, once and for all, that the second amendment is about arming the citizen militia with arms suitable for militia duty.**

    There is way too much fluff and distraction about hunting, sporting, and self-defense use of guns. These things are great, but not the point of the second amendment.

    Weapons like the AR-15 are, today, the preeminent firearm for fulfilling the intent of the second amendment. The second amendment is specifically about “weapons of war”. This needs to be concretely nailed down.

    Once the court confirms, without a doubt, that the second amendment is about the people keeping and bearing weapons suitable for militia duty then all discussions about crime, suicide, or any other bad aspect of firearms goes away.