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Forums Forums Hunting Bow Hunting Nock 2 It Release issues Reply To: Nock 2 It Release issues

  • InsrtCoffee2Continue

    April 8, 2021 at 9:03 am

    1.) Maybe your d-loop material is to thick? I remember having this issue when I picked up mine. I no longer have that issue at all. Either the d-loop material stretched out a bit or I got used to it. I can easily clip the release on the d loop now. I also switched from a very cheapo wrist release so everything was new to me.

    2.) Do you have a trainer? Try to adjust the release little by little with a shot trainer. Helps when you’re not under load of a bow. Allows you to relax and think about it more. It’s pretty straight forward. The hardest part for me is switching from a wrist release and how much my anchor can change based on how I’m gripping the release. (Less of a fist more of a fist).

    The ‘Nock 2 It’ is just a custom Carter release so it makes sense. Honestly id prefer it. Carter will have much better troubleshooting support with a release they manufactured than staff at Nock On Archery.