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  • jachinboazicus

    July 11, 2021 at 10:05 am

    Had a wild day on the water yesterday. They were taking size ~20 cripple patterns early, then the big bugs came out and it was bonkers.

    The rainbows in this zone are wilder than I’ve seen anywhere in the West, and their eating habits are real interesting. Most of the fish in this area average ~20in.

    Bows and cutbows slurping and ‘sharking’ (looking at the fly laying sideways underneath it, and an eat that barely breaks the surface). That said, they’ll run like a small bonefish once they’re hooked. Some will come right at your feet and then make your reel sing.

    Its hot out there, so the fish never left the water, and I let the net do the work so zero handling. Special places deserve special treatment.

    Fun stuff.