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Forums Forums Firearms Why is the slide stuck? Reply To: Why is the slide stuck?

  • Illustrious_Work_423

    July 11, 2021 at 11:11 am


    With a little bit of prayers and sweet whispers to my girls. I got the slide off.

    No FOD or debris I could find. Thought WTF could it have been then.

    Cleaned it up. Went to put it back on. Same issue. With only the slide on. It slide back all the way.

    Insert barrel and recoil spring, it causes the issue.

    Started looking in and messing with the barrel. Looking at score marks. There’s the score mark it gets stuck at in the photos (2 red arrows) and the “lower” score mark where it’s supposed to slide back to.

    But I think u/okaicolton is right. Seems like barrel swelling and the slide is getting stuck on the barrel. 2nd photo shows an odd “bulge” or swelling where I’ve highlighted.

    So fuck me.

    Barrel Swelling?