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Forums Forums Firearms Why is the slide stuck? Reply To: Why is the slide stuck?

  • okaicolton

    July 11, 2021 at 11:11 am

    Man, wish I could get hands on with it and give ya a little break from the stress.

    Things I think I could possibly be :

    Swelling of the barrel? Possibly a squib that was cleared by the next shot? Is there anything in the barrel or any evidence of a squib?

    Recoil spring decided it doesn’t want to work? Maybe got bunched up? Maybe got debris inside somehow? Piece of brass?

    Something weird with the disassembly lever? Looks a tad askew.

    Possibly the locking lug getting burred up? Metal on metal can definitely be a problem.

    Sorry, brother! Keep trying! Hold things at weird angles, try multiple methods at once. Hold the handgun in weird ways. There’s always some kind of seemingly “stupid” trick that ends up fixing weird problems. Best of luck!