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  • sparks1990

    July 11, 2021 at 11:44 am

    For CCW I recommend the Holoson 508 or the RMR. If they’re the same price, flip a coin. But since they rarely are, the 508 is my choice.

    508T is on sale here: With code “4thquote”

    For slide release, I’m a big fan of the Vicker’s model. The OEM extended on works perfectly fine, but with my grip I tend to hold the very tip of the end and keep the slide from locking back on an empty mag. The Vicker’s model has the same footprint as the standard OEM, but with a wider shelf to hit.

    I used to require night sights on all my handguns. But then I realized that they really don’t do anything once my light is turned on. In fact, I took pictures just the other night: Get a good set of fiber optics and put the saved money into something else.

    For a magwell, the Taran Tactical carry sized one is pretty nice and doesn’t add much bulk. If you don’t care about bulk, then the SLR and Zev options are nice too. But you already have a decent magwell on your Gen 5, so I’d make this the last thing you buy. See if you like what you’ve already got before you spend $100.

    For mag extensions, get a 17 +2 mag for a 19x. Standard mag extension is +5. Do you really want to spend $30, $40, even $50 to turn one of your 15’s into a 20? Or a 17 into a 22? Spend the $35 on a 19x mag and get an entire spare mag instead of just an extension.

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