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Forums Forums Firearms A good day at the range… and about 250 rounds later.. Reply To: A good day at the range… and about 250 rounds later..

  • solanu719

    July 11, 2021 at 5:17 pm

    ITT: people butthurt about some dude that painted his handgun to look like a nerf blaster.

    I personally think it is dumb, but I like dumb, and I would gladly do it myself.

    To those of you worried about people mistaking it for a fake gun, I have a few reminders for you that OP hopefully abides by:

    1. Treat it as a real gun, as real guns always should be treated. Safety rules always apply.

    2. Only shoot it at a range or other designated place where you can shoot. It can’t be confused for a fake gun if it’s only used in a place where real guns are used.

    3. Lock it up if within reach of children or other people that are not knowledgeable on the safe handling and operation of firearms.

    Wow, it’s almost as if all of these steps apply to a firearm even if it isn’t painted like this.

    As long as you remain aware that it is a firearm, and treat it as it is (because again, it is), there is absolutely no problem in having something that looks like this.

    Quit being a bunch of bitchy fudds.