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  • battlestage

    July 11, 2021 at 6:39 pm

    Nightforce ATACR 1-8x
    Badger Ordnance COMM 1.93″
    Aimpoint Comp M5S
    Larue CQB 45° Offset mount.

    So, I get questions on this setup pretty regularly and I thought I’d explain WHY this setup is what it is. First, let me say the setup was optimized by someone else who has the experience and expertise to optimize a combat rifle. It also seems that many don’t think of optimization when it comes to their setups.

    Why not use the Badger offset mounts? Well, simply put they stick out pretty far. It’s a clever design but the red dot hangs much further off the rifle and I prefer it to be more tucked into the gun. You can see here how a similar setup looks utilizing the Badger offset mount.

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    I also don’t care for the mounting locations of the Badger offsets. The forward position just adds to a front heavy feel, and the rear position has the potential to cause malfunctions by obstructing brass from ejecting free and clear. I know someone who had one that brass would bounce off it, and occasionally get caught in the ejection port.

    The Larue CQB mount tucks the optic in neatly, while still having a mostly unobstructed view.

    Why a Comp M5S? The extra height of the M5S placed the optical height in line with the ATACR. This means that transitioning from one optic to the other, you do not have to adjust your head position. This is much fast and easier to stay on target.