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  • DedSecFox_X1

    July 11, 2021 at 7:16 pm

    I’m sure it was a QC issue with the ammo. Shouldn’t be necessary to change anything with the gun itself.. this has got to be hella rare. I’ve never seen anything like that myself. There’s a few rules when I run into issues with any of my guns.. 90% of the time, it’s mags. That’s a revolver so it doesn’t apply here. After that, unless a part in your gun is broken or defective, it’s probably the ammo.

    You say it runs fine after that, I’m sure it does. There’s no reason your barrel should cause jacket separation by itself. I’d bet you $4.20 that it was the ammo. Sometimes even quality ammo can have some wonky performance. It shouldn’t, but things happen. Just be cautious when using that brand, I’d even consider calling the ammo manufacturer to let them know this happened so they tighten QC.