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  • KarmaKing4545

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    Everyone’s reason to hunt or not eat meat or not etc is all their personal choice. You could be a vegan non hunter and have more in common with an ethical hunter than that ethical hunter has in common with a poacher. Hunters and fishermen, in the u.s., make up an astonishingly large percentage of the funds to protect nature and animals. (Pittman Robertson act and dingle Johnson act) non hunters actually give very little in terms of protection to wildlife other than protests and not eating them.

    I got into hunt late in my 20s which is unusual and I was against the idea most of my life as well. I’ve become a hunter but still have some more liberal emotional feelings towards animals than other life long hunters might, but if it’s legal it’s legal. If it’s in someone’s culture it’s hard to argue right or wrong.

    Not everyone should or needs to hunt. We must all be a bit more accepting of others personal decisions and cultures.

    And realize that there are ways that indirectly impact a species far more than hunting 1 animal at a time. That litter, that heavily trafficked trail, new mall, freeway through undisturbed woods etc

    Hunters generally love nature more than a non hunter could understand.