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  • Adolin_28

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    I hunt to enjoy nature and if the opportunity presents itself, a whitetail to feed my family or donate to my local Hunters For the Hungry where the deer is processed and provides meals for homeless shelters.

    Id venture to say Ethical hunters make up about 95% of our community, unfortunately it’s the 5% who are unwilling to learn the art nd cause bad situations which then cause a scene give hunting a bad reputation.

    Personally I believe it’s important to maintain a deep gratitude and respect for every harvest I’m given and put every part of the deer to use. I am not ashamed to admit I get very worked up over a bad shot or something doesn’t go as planned when taking the animal, it happens to every hunter, those who do not feel remorse are lying.

    I might be rambling I tend to do so about things I am deeply passionate about. However I have absolutely the upmost respect for your way of life and applaud your effort in wanting to understand the other side. Cheers and I hope this provides insight.