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  • d_vanzan

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    Welcome. I appreciate you coming here and making a post from an outside perspective. Your childhood sounds like it was awesome. In hunting, as in any group, there are those who don’t do the right thing and give that group a bad name. Like when I see a video of someone claiming veganism pouring blood in a grocery or chanting in a restaurant about others eating meat, I just assume that person is one of those people giving vegans a bad look. I don’t equate that behavior to all vegans. There are hunters who waste animals and poach. We look down on them and don’t condone that behavior here. Hopefully those “hunters” are the minority. Just like those vegans that cause scenes. Almost all the posts I see here are of people being respectful and hunting the right way. While we may never see eye to eye on our views, your welcome here anytime and I think you’ll see a lot of the hunters here are great about encouraging others to use all the animal and do things the right way.