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  • LillyPasta

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    Old lady Alaska hunter here. We spent 25 years harvesting our meat. The moose and caribou especially are so prolific they end up eating themselves to death- that is when the snow gets too deep then foraging and browsing gets impossible and they wander closer to roads and towns because there is less snowpack. They get hit by cars and moose become aggressive in town and cause problems. Those that don’t make it to towns or roads end up dying of starvation and the the predator numbers make a surge because they’ve got food all winter long.
    It’s a balance between prey and predation and while we ethical hunters try not to upset that balance and let nature takes its course as much as possible, sometimes intervention is necessary. If the caribou numbers become really high in the fall, more are allowed to be taken by local hunters. If the numbers are lower the limits are adjusted accordingly.
    We subsistence hunt, meaning we harvest our food. We’re not looking for trophies or just going for the biggest thing we see. We are looking for meat for our families. It’s healthier and cleaner, and I feel good feeding something with no hormones that I literally took from field to table. I know how it was harvested, butchered and handled. We don’t waste anything we could possibly eat and show our appreciation to the animal for its sacrifice by not wasting anything.