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  • Big_Jmoney

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    There are many reasons for my decision to hunt. I’ll try to keep it brief

    1) I prefer to know where my food comes from. I grow most of my own vegetables, I dry my own herbs, and I’m friends with a cattle farmer. Hunting is just another way for me to get “clean” fresh meat wether it’s deer, boar, doves, rabbits, squirrels, or turkeys.

    2) Where I live at least, we have a large population of deer. It’s an actual traffic concern. The bag limit for a season is upwards of 9 deer total (5 antlered 4 antlerless)

    3) Per my religion, I am held accountable for taking care of this world. That’s why I clean up after myself and others after hunting, fishing, or camping. I see no difference in that from eliminating invasive or nuisance animals. Boars rip up natural land and strip them of their resources. I always take great care when cleaning and preparing the animals I’ve hunted, and I never take for trophies.