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  • hmmmmmOk8687

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    A few points on hunting from my perspective:

    1. Hunting is a traditional activity that has been done for all of human history, so I don’t think hunting is suddenly wrong because there are more accessible alternatives.
    2. A clean kill is way better than any way that an animal would have died if it wasn’t killed by humans (ticks, starvation, wolves (they eat when their prey isn’t dead yet), etc.)
    3. It is an adventure, it is discomfortable, it is humbling, it is fun, and it is great for fraternity.
    4. It gives you more respect for animals, and life in general.
    5. Humans need food, animals are food.
    6. I don’t like industrialized factory farms, but hunting is way more ethical and humane than lots of farms.