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  • BarefootRodeoClown

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    I’ve been hunting for going on 30 years. I don’t dislike animals or take pleasure in death. I do delight in legally and ethically putting food on the table by means of hunting. I harbor no bad will towards anyone who doesn’t choose my way. Hunting protects herds of animals from overgrazing and ultimately starving to death in certain areas. A clean kill is not only taught but valued by most hunters. As with any group there are the 1% that make us look like vicious jackals. Rest assured most are not. I don’t only hunt for meat. I also hunt the predators that attack and kill livestock in my area as well as the ones that destroy farming and ranching land. Namely coyotes and wild hogs. I was taught and also teach one shot one kill. A hog didn’t ask to be born so a clean quick death is the goal. Also the sale of hunting licenses in the U.S. provides money for the conservation of public lands and animals for generations to come. While I enjoy the sport of the chase the death of the animal is not to be taken lightly. Wounding an animal does happen on accident to most hunters at some point and it is a punch in the face to those it happens to. I’ve seen grown men cry as a result. I use as much as possible of the animals I harvest and most hunters do the same. Hope this helps.