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  • True_Eggroll

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    Killing an animal to me, isn’t easy. Especially if it’s an animal that I’ve had some sort of bond with. Whether it be a deer that I’ve known on our property for a while or putting down a chicken/bird because it’s in too much pain to continue. I’ve always put on a facade that I’m cold towards my quarry whenever I’m in front of people but really. It hurts to take the life of it. I’m always so scared of what if I didn’t kill the animal properly and it was still suffering.

    i wish my pride would sometimes fuck off because some of my friends/family have asked in the past if i feel anything when i kill something and my first answer is to always say no for some reason. And it’s caused to some people to not like me because of it.