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  • Rad10Ka0s

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    There is a movie I think you should watch. It is call “Stars in the Sky”. It is written by Steven Rinella, a popular author, TV show, podcast, etc. He is a hunter and attempts to address your question.

    The first choice come with are you going to eat meat or not. Once you make that choice, the next question is how you go about it. Hunting is the most humane, healthiest way to do that. It isn’t for everyone, and it shouldn’t be, and that is okay.

    The killing part is a just a tiny piece of the whole experience. There is a certain thrill in it, I can’t deny that. But it isn’t a thrill in the act death itself nor in violence. In a perfect situation, it would be one well placed shot and immediate cessation of all bodily functions. It doesn’t quite work that way, but that is the goal. The thrill certainly satisfies some predator instinct in me and of course the kill is the success, the “woo hoo”, I set out do this thing and I accomplished my goal.

    Hunting is first about being in the landscape, all of the things you said about enjoying the woods. Watching the deer, understanding their patterns. Then spending time in the woods looking for the right opportunity. That is weeks of time and effort at a minimum for me. The shot is less than a second. The next part is a serious amount of work to process the meat and try to use as much as possible. Then I get to enjoy healthy food that is a product of this amazing planet we live that I was provided for myself.

    I will share a couple of final thoughts. By eliminating predators and developing land there are too many deer on not enough land where I live. We take about a third of the deer out my state a year and the deer population is steady to slightly rising. If there were more, there would be more disease in the herd. Reducing herd size is essential for overall herd health. The number of deer tags issues is tightly controlled by the state and supervised by wildlife biologists. We, hunters, are the primary funding source for those biologists through the purchase a licenses to hunt and taxes on hunting equipment and ammunition. If you are interested, do some research on “The north American model of game management”.

    There is nothing I can do to change the fact that deer are a prey species. My hunting pressure doesn’t change anything substantial in a deers life. If they aren’t watching for me, they are watching for Coyotes and everything else that chases deer. Animals in the wild dies of starvation, exposures or predation. I am pretty sure the deer doesn’t think damn, I can’t believe that guy shot me, I sure wish I was being eaten alive my a mountain lion.

    Thank you for your question. I didn’t realize I had all that to say.