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  • TheLastSollivaering

    July 11, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    Hunting, as in serious and regulated hunting and not as in poaching is done for management. Which means population control in one form or the other. Trophy hunting is done to take out old males that mess up more than they contribute to the herd or species, and even meat hunting is when you take out the excess animals so that the population stays on a level that is sustainable considering food and living space. And you have predator control, where you take out for example foxes, coyotes, martins, minx and so on. There are bad regulations, there are bad countries, there are bad hunters, but after spending almost 30 of my 37 years as a shooter, hunter and fisherman I find that 99,999% are serious and educated people who wants to hunt sustainably and with a long term perspective.