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Forums Forums Ammunition Reloading Two Rifles vs One Rifle? Reply To: Two Rifles vs One Rifle?

  • acorpcop

    July 11, 2021 at 8:08 pm

    Common logic usually is that a specific caliber is generally suited for specific tasks but people have hunted the animals you have mentioned with all three calibers you listed.

    Not sure how Australian gun laws work and whether owning just one rifle is better than two.

    6.5 Creedmoor is just another 6.5 caliber. IMO it’s become meme status and I’m not sure at hunting distances it can do anything particularly better than any other 6.5. Arguably, 6.5 Carcano did just for JFK just fine if you believe the Warren Report. My mom’s friend with a partially paralyzed arm uses a Carcano short rifle for deer. The Creedmoor is similar in many ways to .243 and .270, but has better long range accuracy and potential due to the heavier and higher BC bullets that fight wind drift better. 6.5 is a sweet spot for bullet weight/length for distance shooting. It will certainly kill deer, hogs, and critters just fine.

    For what it’s worth my mom hunts deer with a 1944 No4 Mk1 Savage Enfield and they fall over dead just fine with factory 170gr soft points.

    Personally, if I was going to own just *one* rifle for “do it all” and hand loading, I’d go with a .308. A gazillion bullets to chose, from light 110 grain loads to 180gr with a 1:12 barrel. Reduced charge cast boolit loads for varmints/critters are a thing too.

    Honorable mention to 7×57 which is a highly underrated caliber these days and is a pretty mild recoiling, fairly flat shooting round, that can take light game and has been used to take elephants in Africa historically with the right bullets, although that last part sounds like suicide to me.

    As for how to spend your money, that’s on you. Either given approach will do.