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  • Joeybagz28

    July 11, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    Finding OEM is gonna be hard, I ordered from 3crtactical, not bad kit, but not oem. Also what ever upper kit you find, you may have an issue with the recoil spring assembly. The early g43 had a 1mm shorted recoil spring that caused the slide to move slightly when depressing the trigger. Newer redesigned RSA were made and they are 1mm or so longer, that stopped the slide issue. The 2 upper parts kits I bought have the shorter RSA. I got one kit from AIM surplus and when I emailed them about the issue they sent me a new RSA, it’s tighter so the slide issue isn’t as bad as before. The second kit I got from 3cr tactical was pretty tight so the movement is very minimal.