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Forums Forums Firearms Rifles Does this rifle make my Sightmark look cool? Reply To: Does this rifle make my Sightmark look cool?

  • 901867344

    July 11, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    I don’t remember if this is a complete nonsequitur or not but the question came to me while I was listening to today’s episode:

    You’ve said in the past that handguns don’t suppress well due to inherent features of pistol operation. Is subsonic 9mm out of a long gun like a PCC or a bolt action (if bolt action 9s exist) quieter than 300blk from a comparable host? Conventional prediction would say yes, it’s a smaller round than 300blk with less energy. But of course things don’t always scale perfectly and there are other factors that I simply don’t know about

    As for comparable hosts, i know that gets murky since most 9mm long guns are direct blowback, but there are some piston hosts that could be directly compared. The MPX and MCX for example are essentially the same gun scaled for pistol vs rifle caliber