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Forums Forums Firearms Rifles *SOS* Help Me Choose My First Can!!! Reply To: *SOS* Help Me Choose My First Can!!!

  • purpara

    July 11, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    In my opinion a qd system is pretty important since you want to use it on a number of guns. The rugged system is really great, and they state that their qd actually outperforms other companies direct mounts in the way of zero shift. They are full auto belf fed rated so your fire rate with four mags is nothing they can’t handle. My favorite is the radiant which has more volume for better suppression, but can also be used in its 5.1 inch configuration. It’s also the lightest they make being titanium. The micro 30 is another great option but you lose volume and add weight. The only upside I see it It can be .1 inches shorter. Both have a lifetime warrenty with no fine print.

    Also I’m not a shill or fanboy. It just seemed like a good fit your your do all hard use needs.