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  • xDarknal

    January 15, 2020 at 7:16 am

    Two very different handguns you are referencing here. Like what’s what your goal here? Something that’s incredibly easy to shoot or super easy to conceal? I have a 19X that is my main range pistol but I carry a 19.5 as my main EDC. The extra length on the frame for the 19X does make it hard to conceal due to sticking out and potentially printing. It honestly depends on your body type on how well it stays hidden.

    Ideally, if possible I would recommend having both, but here’s what I can break down. If you feel/know you can easily conceal a 19X based on your body type its well worth it getting a CCW that you can shoot and be proficient with. If you have any doubts of your ability to conceal the pistol I would look towards the 43X, 48 or even 19 if thickness is not the issue.