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  • searanger62

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    First of all, understand the problem you are talking about.

    “Firearm deaths”; intentionally doubled each year by including suicides.

    “Firearm homicides”: intentionally misreported because the truth is politically incorrect. Firearm homicides are a black population problem. More than half of the homicides in the nation involve blacks, despite comprising only 13% of the population. White Americans live with homicide rates equal to that of European nations.

    “Mass shootings”: despite the media hype to portray the homicide problem as the result of a particular type of firearm, more people are murdered by knives or bats each year than rifles, and the homicide count from the rifles the left complains about is less than the capacity of a single high capacity magazine.

    Cold hard fact, American firearm homicides is a racial and inner city problem, and no one has the courage to say it